Goal of the Day of Mehmet Çelik

Our test match at TSV Kuppingen we have successfully connected to a 5:2 Victory completed. The result could have been even much higher, in our view. The goal of the day shot from perceived 50 Mehmet Çelik untenable meters into the far corner. Below you can read the newspaper article from the Gäubote.

TSV Kuppinger. - Turkish. EN Herrenb. 2:5
"One of our players has clearly noted the city run from the day before Mr. Berger", had TEC spokesman Werner Szalay a partial explanation for the significant loss to the A-league team from Herrenberg ready. "You have to also say, that the door. SV has technically played good football ", Sun continues Szalay. Danilo Blumrodt (Foul Penalty) Kevin Main and brought to the TEC in the meantime 1:2 and 2:3 wonder, was ultimately against the guests of Mr. Berg, but no cure. Türk.-EN-Spielertrainer Gaetano Intemperante eröffnete the Dry Again, Halil Fatih, Mustafa Gürkan, Mehmet Çelik Turgay Soytürk could follow and further results.