English weekly is before us

At the next Sunday, 30.10.2011, receive our teams, players from SpVgg Aidlingen. The game starts at the Second 13:00 Clock and then the order of the First 15:00 Clock. Venue is the People's Bank Stadium (old name: Stadium on the shooting wall) Herrenberg.

Our first team has three more points at a possible victory chance, top next play along. But the Aidlinger naturally want to get out from the lower ranks, and have nothing to lose. Most likely they will be adjusted defensively and counter lurking by potential opportunities for a goal. In any case, it seems to be an exciting encounter, are invited to all the spectators warmly.

The next Tuesday, at All Saints, is already the next round of, and that the 13. Matchday. For superstitious promises, the number 13 usually no good, But we are good things. Our second team goes to Milli Genclik Track Sindelfingen. The game takes place on the Sortplatz Unterrieden, the glass palace (Place 2) held in Sindelfingen. The whole thing was 18:30 Clock on 15:00 Clock forward. The first team shall assign to 12:30 Clock outwardly against the TSV Hildrizhausen II an.

We would also like to point out, that this weekend is the time changed back from summer time to winter time, d.h. in the night between Saturday and Sunday of the Clock 3:00 Clock on 2:00 Clock reset. So we can sleep an extra hour 😉 .