The title may be brought again?

Indoor tournament in Ehningen

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The SV Rohrau organized in Ehninger Schalk Wieshalle its annual indoor tournament.

It's that time again. The hall round begins this year with the tournament in the SV Rohrau Ehninger Schalk Wieshalle. In the last year our team also participated in this event. Our guys were disciplined and technically versed, which then consequently led to the tournament victory. Last year did not succeed.

The three-day tournament will take place in the days of 19. to 21. December 2011 instead of. On the first two days, So on Monday and Tuesday, The meetings are held the first round. The tournament winner will be determined in the final games on Wednesday.

For our guys in the opener on Tuesday, 20.12.2011, a 18:15 Clock (for the players already at the venue 17:30). It is then, offer the best performance.

We hope you have much success and look forward, count on your support as a spectator to.