The third team in the group H is determined

Yesterday, the other in the preliminary round matches of the Cup decided Gäubote. The first of the group D, VfL Nagold qualified for the second round and thus joins the group H in the FC under the door and Jettingen. SV Herrenberg.

All games, which will be held tonight, You can read the following. For our boys it is called today for the first time from 17:09 Clock start. Opponent is the VfL Nagold, yesterday with four convincing wins and a draw is qualified as the first preliminary round group D. Um ca. 18:01 Clock, it then goes to FC Under Jettingen.

Intermediate Round

Group E
VfL Herrenberg
EN Rohrau
FC Gärtringen

Group F
TSV Hildrizhausen
EN Oberjesingen
VfL Herrenberg II

Group G
SV Böblingen
TV Darmsheim
VfL Upper Jettingen

Group H
VfL Nagold
FC Unterjettingen
Türk. SV Herrenberg

16.30 It FC Gärtringen - VfL Herrenberg
16.43 F VfL Herrenberg II - TSV Hildrizhausen
16.56 G VfL upper Jettingen - SV Böblingen
17.09 H Türk. SV Herrenberg - VfL Nagold
17.22 It Rohrau SV - FC Gärtringen
17.35 F Oberjesingen SV - VfL Herrenberg II
17.48 G Darmsheim TV - VfL Oberjettingen
18.01 H FC Under Jettingen - Türk. SV Herrenberg
18.14 It VfL Herrenberg - SV Rohrau
18.27 F TSV Hildrizhausen - SV Oberjesingen
18.40 G RE Böblingen - TV Darmsheim
18.53 H VfL Nagold - FC Under Jettingen


19.10 1. Group E - 2. Group F
19.23 1. Group E - 1. Group F
19.36 1. Group G - 2. Group H
19.49 2. Group G - 1. Group H


20.20 Winner 1. Quarter Final - Winner 3. Quarterfinals
20.33 Winner 2. Quarter Final - Winner 4. Quarterfinals

Match for third place 3

21.00 Loser 1. Semi-finals - losers 2. Semifinal


21.15 Winner 1. Semifinal - Winner 2. Semifinal