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Indoor Soccer: Active-SG Empfingen tournament begins today

Another indoor soccer tournament complacent? On Tuesday at 18 Clock starts at the Empfinger Tälesee-hall tournament, the assets of the SBU with the defending champion from the Turkish SV Herrenberg. From plays host to the opening of one of three teams, the requirement have something in the.

Turkish title joy: Last year's winner Turkish SV Mr. Berg will today defend the Cup in Empfingen.

Empfingen. Indoor Soccer Cup in Empfingen; is, when about 35 Teams for five days on a green turf at the ball, take - and always wins in the end, the SG Empfingen. So it was at least up until last year. Since then snatched the Turkish SV Herrenberg Ingern the receiver after four years to win the tournament Dauerabo.

Today, Mr. Berger begin title defense. In the outdoor season, they are currently first in the table A-League. And in the winter break, they take each tournament hall, that they get in the way: When Swabia Cup over the New Year the Turkish SV came into the finals, But despite the lost 3:0-Leadership (!) even after extra time 3:5 against FC Under Jettingen. When Gäufelden tournament over the weekend was off to the second round for TSV.

The end for the football in the oxygen-poor indoor spaces is the host for the weekend from Empfingen, because it is the last of two indoor tournaments, The SGE during the winter break playing - if possible, but only on Saturday: "The association says, that it would be bad, if we are not in the Final- or would at least come second round ", SGE-country league coach says Michael Neumann. The volume Tälesee frequency in the hall would go back to the fact, because the home team always polarized: While one half of the audience is usually per Empfingen, the other as Fred Flintstone happy about conceding any SGE. Also, since some of the same three teams Empfinger, Neumann is confidently predicted, Will not that this "worst case" is. The third SBU team, which competes today, consists of players of the older A-Youth cohort.

The first team, Landesliga das-Team, plays tomorrow. Without the previously winter-only access: Marvin Koesling kommt vom TuS Severe Singing, is after a long injury lay-off (Cruciate Ligament Rupture) but now only once for two months in Beijing (China). Upon resumption of the outdoor season (10. March) he will be back. "We have to wait for the final examinations on his knee, but he can already train with us ", Neumann says. Returning to the SG Vöhringen is Jens reputation.

When you own indoor tournament can play the Neumann, have the desire - the injury-prone Dennis Gonszcz he did indeed come, to consider an application. "But I can not forbid him, yes it can happen anywhere ", says Michael Neumann, "If he is not injured in the hall, then perhaps in the second session. "Or in the workplace: As has recently midfielder Marc Geiser example, sustained a finger injury. "For me it is important, that the tournament the guys is fun ", says the SBU coach, had watched the yesterday's Filius at base in the tournament hall Tälesee. Even more fun is ready to host, if he wins the tournament. After a two year break.

On Tuesday at play 18 Clock: Group A: SG Vöhringen, SV Eutingen, SG Ahldorf mills, Turkish SV Herrenberg, Ising SG / Britt home. Group B:SG Empfingen U 20, SV Gruol, FK Bratsvo Villingen, Mr. SV rooms, FC Mönchweiler.

Four placed and four "Allstars" team

From Tuesday, 10. January to play 35 Active teams at the twelfth Indoor Soccer Cup SG Empfingen Tälesee in the Hall. The opening game contest Tuesday at 18 Clock, the district league team Vöhringen SG and SV Eutingen. On Friday, the second round begins with four groups, what is the first- and runners-up qualify the six preliminary groups and the top four third. For the final round on Saturday (14 Clock) qualify the initial, Second- and third place winners from the intermediate round groups. There are set of FC 08 Villingen, VfL Nagold, SG Dornstetten and Stuttgarter Kickers U 20. The Final is on Saturday at 22.22 Clock. Previously, four "Allstars" team play from Empfingen, Balingen, Donaueschingen and the "official Flock Allstars" against each other.

Tobias train, Südwest Presse, 10.01.2012