Newspaper article from 24.01.2012

Kickers want to jump up

 Photo: Press Photo Baumann
Photo: Press Photo Baumann

Stuttgart – On Sunday, Peter had jump (32) with a guest permit for football Regional Ligist played Stuttgarter Kickers. A day after the 10:0-Friendly win at SV Mr. Turk held the Blue Mountain, to bring the striker from league rivals FC Bayern Alzenau. "It looks very good, Jump is a penalty box striker with a nose for goal ", said board member Guido Buchwald. The final details are yet to be determined, but Alzenaus athletic director Michael Schuch grounded on Monday already transfer to league leaders: "We are purely a training association. It does not matter, whether a player 19 or 32 Years old. Jump to the Kickers are a huge opportunity. "

The striker was 2002/03 Eintracht Frankfurt II was on the ball. After that, he served as player-coach in the Bavarian League. In this season he has scored nine Regional Goals. The Kickers have an obligation forced, since the offensive forces Ali Pala (Hamstring) and Ugur Yilmaz (Meniscus-OP) Until further notice fails. Buchwald: "We have a large third league goal. Since we need a striker, the short term will help us out. "The Kickers are convinced, jump that meets this requirement profile.

Jürgen Frey, Black Forest messenger, 24.01.2012