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Finkbeiner Elf with runaway victories

Sometimes it affects both: Two-fought battle in the game between the VfR Sulz, here with Willian Romero (right), and the SV Bondorf, at the end just with 3:2 Toren durchsetzte.<br />
Photo: Wagner Foto: Black-Bote
Sometimes it affects both: Two-fought battle in the game between the VfR Sulz, here with Willian Romero (right), and the SV Bondorf, at the end just with 3:2 Gates interspersed.
Photo: Wagner (Black-Bote)

At least one game, even better, winning two. That was the motto for most of yesterday evening in Empfingen An incoming teams. With this in fact was the chance, today's final round of the 12. To achieve Indoor Cup, already fairly well. Not all managed this by request.

Defending Türk. SV Mr. Berg got off to a great start to the second round, struck with the SV Gruol 3:1. The VfR Sulz missed this target in the subsequent match against the strong team of SV Hall Bondorf, with the 3:2 interspersed.

Sulzer made this gaffe in its second interim round duel against SV Gruol, they clearly with 7:1 beat, but again compensated and covered with the 5:1-Success on the door. A SV Herrenberg completely into the finals.

In the top match of the group between the door and Bondorf. SV Mr. Berg was at the end 1:1-undecided, and thus these two almost had solved the ticket for the finals - especially three of the four teams from each group managed to make the leap.

The SG Vöhringen recorded by the golden goal from J. Todd to kick three points soothing - they happy about the latest after the game against the SG-Herzogsweiler Durrweiler had to be. The team of Mario Finkbeiner fooled the higher class opponents namely with a 8:0-Victory, and the very latest after the duel, where he again met several times, did your Smajovic recommended for the top scorer crown. Already in the first game against TSV Trochtelfingen, in which the SG phases played cat and mouse with the enemy, had met four times Smajovic. Of course, the SG was to continue.

Not gone just great it is to start for the SG Empfingen I, in the same time with the SF Salzstetten 0:2 had to admit defeat (see “Game of the evening”). The Empfinger enjoyed under this false start already under pressure to act against the cheeky SV Fellendorf, while it pleased on the other side of the sport over the three friends had already booked counter - because in the second duel, there was a clear 3:8 against TSV Haiterbach.

The Haiterbach in turn got the opener in the evening, the full Dröhnung, not just because of the SV field intoxicating Fellendorf made right there on, where he had stopped the night before: Cheeky, goal threat, successfully. Luke and Thomas Baur went door to door and thus at the end of the chase for the interim Haiterbach 3:3 destroyed. 4:3 Fell in favor of the village, there stood at the end.

The B-Ligist lost without his injured missing from the eve of Charles Merz's top performers against the SG Empfingen narrowly 2:3.

Between rounds in the fourth group started the SC 04 Tuttlingen, and TSV Geislingen each with a victory and thus had already one foot in the door towards finals, on today Saturday at 14 Clock starts (see adjacent Schedule), all qualifiers but were not yet determined to First.

Gerd Braunund Herbert Hug, Black-Bote, 13.01.2012