Newspaper article from 08.01.2012

Placed teams await final opponents

After the tournament before the tournament. Once at the Horber High Mountain Hall 39. City Cup tournament are part of the decisions please, It comes on the same ground from tomorrow, Tuesday, 10. January, the next peak in the comparison of the regional teams 12. Indoor Soccer Cup SG Empfingen.

Manage the mountain of the Lord Turkish SV Cup hat-trick? That's the question from tomorrow, if the defending champion will also engage in the race in the same Täleseehalle. Did in the last two years, meanwhile Gaetano Intemperante as player-coach led Mr. Berger in the first round each hard, to then via intermediate- and increase powerful finals and finals in the higher category, to give teams from the district at a disadvantage.

At first surprising success 2010 sat down against the ASV with Rexingen 1:0 by. Last year we were also hit by the tournament's top scorer Kemal Agca (14) with a 6:1-Triumph of the country's division club SpVgg Freudenstadt in the cold.

The last two finalists in this year, although not represented in the field of participants. But the SG Empfingen can again welcome many regular guests, the last one to make the big leap forward. Only in the final round on Saturday, 14. January, here are the seeded teams Stuttgarter Kickers U20, FC 08 Villingen, VfL Nagold and SG Dornstetten intervene in the.

Before about- and second round (Friday, 13. January) known, however, must play strong teams, as the SV Gruol, SV Tieringen, SC 04 Tuttlingen, or last year's third SV Bondorf, Preliminary work in the decision. The Bondorf with the best tournament players selected Marlovic David sat down in this “small final” with 1:0 by, which had to give the tournament the best goalkeepers selected SG-Keeper Dirk Ziegler once beaten. For the spectators it could Empfinger again this year, a reunion with the known exchanged for VfR Sulz “Goat” give, also because the district league has reported half-time champion again and ranks among the top places to Mitanwärtern.

The same is true from the perspective of the northern Black Forest for the SG Vöhringen, SV Eutingen and last year failed to landlords SF Salzstetten. As one of the dark horses, the SG-traded Herzogsweiler Durrweiler matches, coach Mario Finkbeiner, with the strong prior-year period an appearance as a goalkeeper demonstrated his versatility made.

From the perspective of the home fans, it would also once again at the time, that the SG can stow Empfingen the big pot in the local case. However, whether the newly formed squad of coach Michael Neumann savvy enough, to subscribe to the list of winners, must wait. Already last year there were under coach Dieter Rinke guru in the first round a slight nail-biter, and is also in this year's preliminary round group 4 for Empfinger Erstvertretung not lightest. In addition, the host sends a U20 team and the district league team SG Empfingen II in the race.

The five five- and a six-group of the preliminary round will be the only- and runner-up and top four qualify third for the second round. Come from four groups between each first-round, Second- and third place in the finals next.

The game is played in the Täleseehalle on Tuesday this week, Wednesday and Friday from 18 Clock; on Thursday already with eleven teams from 17.30 Clock. On the final day, the first meeting as early as 14 Clock kicks off. The audience can participate in a raffle with many prizes. The winners will be 14. January at 18.10 Clock drawn.

Arno pity, Black-Bote, 08.01.2012