Newspaper article from 11.01.2012

Indoor Soccer: Start of the Empfinger Indoor Cup / Vöhringen further

The twelfth Empfinger Indoor Soccer Cup was just seven seconds young, Dennis Groh had met since the SG Vöhringen. In contrast, the SV Eutingen wrestled with the scoring - until the last game.

Empfingen. After 1:1 against the SG Ahldorf mills Mehmet Özkoyuncu had on the car speed players a swarm of Turkish SV Herrenberg provide information. Why not take his team the goal, what was going on - what players from their ex-coach, Now the SV Eutingen trained, just want to know so. For the third time in three games in this tournament were put up on the tech-savvy players at the SVE. And did not win but.

Basic: "We can not hit a goal", said a disappointed Özkoyuncu, "We are at the front is not good enough, We have too many inexperienced players. "Nanu, But even after all Özkoyuncu is already 35 Years old? "One is not enough", says the SVE-player-coach, "I might in the past has passed yet." Yesterday, the hot shot Eutinger the goalkeeper like Tim Avenarius by SG Ahldorf mills or doing the wrong thing at the right time always: stoppten the Ball, if they should shoot, shot, if the neighbor was posted better. "We can not just decide", Sagt Özkoyuncu. And if they do, posts and crossbar were also mostly there, where the ball just Eutinger hinschickten. Ahldorf Mills took about a fifth of the SVE opportunities, exactly to score as many goals: Tobias Schmoll Inger met after submitting his brother Marcel to 1:1-Final. "And we shoot on goal ten thousand times ...", moaned SVE player Niko La Russa after the first game.

Quite different was the defending champion as the Turkish SV Herrenberg: The need for a certain warm-up phase when some lucky 3:1-Ahldorf victory against the mills and the 2:2 against Eutingen. Against the SG Vöhringen but Mr. Berger took the place of the, The Murat Aydin and Murat Yilmaz schwurbelten 'and chipped the ball delicately over goalkeeper Mario SG-Goettler into the goal, 6:1 s standing at the end.

Vöhringen could get over it: The first match was against the District Ligist the outdoor league with competitors from Eutingen 4:2 won. Tournament spokesman Helmut combatants just spoke his words of welcome, Dennis Groh as had been with a long shot Eutin gene goalkeepers Raphael Sickler overcome - the first after just seven seconds Turniertor. Also won their second game Vöhringer, 1:0 against the Ising SG / Britt home, qualified as Mr. Berg, Lord of the SV and the SV Gruol safe rooms for the second round.

Quite formidable to beat the U 20, A youth of older vintage, SG Empfingen: The coached by Peter Edelmann SGE boys missed but after the 2:4 in the last game of the second round. And the SV Eutingen? Who scored in the last game against the Ising SG / Britt home all the net, Tim was previously at the Avenariussen, Post or bands of these Tälesee Hall had landed and lost with 11:1. And in third place with five points must at least have hope again next round. Assistant coach Frank Weindl, the efforts of its SVE-kicker always calm and stoic watched what is happening behind the gang, said: "On 10. March's counts!"There goes the round robin go again.

Today (from 18 Clock) play:
Group 3:
SV Bondorf, SG Hallwangen, SF Aach, SF Salzstetten, SG tube village / hamlet corner.
Group 4: SG Empfingen I, SV Tieringen, TSV Haiterbach, SC 04 Tuttlingen, SV Hopfau.

Tobias train, Südwest Presse, 11.01.2012