First defeat for 13 Point games !

Last Wednesday, our team has the rescheduled game against FC Under Jettingen with 3-2 lost.
Despite numerous scoring chances, we did not make it to take the lead. Beginning of the second half we suffered from a set a goal. This was by Murat Yilmaz ( see Figure ) equalized with a spectacular left-foot shot into the top corner. Instead, we conceded nachzulegen Counter attack by again conceding a goal. The answer to the clean sheet was 12 Minuten vor Schluss durch Fatih Halil . At this stage we have put the enemy in their own half and drew us a chance after another.
However, it was again a counter-, Under the FC Jettingen ultimately brought victory to the street.
In the final minute, we had almost managed to re-balance the read .. But at least the fourth aluminum hit all point to, that luck is not on our side and our fighting spirit is not rewarded on this day.
What remains is the realization, that we take in the big game against TSV Forest Book now for a 6-point game !

The team takes on the challenge calmly and looking forward to the showdown against our former persecutor.