The referee makes the difference !!!!

It is not absolutely identify the purposes of our club philosophy as offenders of the referee, But it would be really bad for the senior referee, If I dedicate to him the title not !!
Because he has identified for well-guided first half, the difference in the crunch match against First Second.
Times from the beginning.
Our team has now clearly dominated his opponent and shown together with its audience, why we are in first place. First, we went with a headed goal by Ufuk Atalay and then with another goal from Halil Fatih strong playing in the lead. Another high-profile opportunity Muhammed Sahingöz read in the six yard box unused .. We had the better game and share the leadership was perfectly fine.
Second Half.
Immediately after the scan Fatih Halil is our player-manager at journey. Fatih punched out all his opponents at the baseline and puts on Murat Yilmaz on uneigensinnig. Murat staubt ab .. 3-0.
A few minutes after being hit sinks a failed edge of the forest bird untenable in our case. A Sunday shooting, of the forest bird probably players this season is no longer possible.
Then we worked our numerous chances to restore the old gates distance. Fatih Halil accepts the penalty area and hits the ball directly measure on goal . The ball goes just over the housing.
That was the start of the ever more degrading referees , to make the game exciting again and heated. He decides to surprise all the players and spectators on offside. Whether there and who should have intervened in the game, will probably remain forever a mystery to all.
When Murat Yilmaz, the opponent will clean the ball with the soles of the feet, then to start the counterattack, the referee stops the play again. He decides on Free Kick. This consequently leads to the free kick first goal. Score 2-3 !
But not enough .. player-coach Gaetano Intemperante is fetched from the legs in the penalty…Penalty kick .. None ! As Ufuk Atalay tapering alone on the opponent's goal, stumbles a forest bird clever player / follower at the Murat Yilmaz skillfully and lies far from Ufuks Atalays path flat. Ufuk Atalay reduced its angle and sends it to Murat Yilmaz .. The cross the ball into the net unchallenged moves .. But always chooses the dubious referee whistling a foul game !! Even before the referee was probably aware, what he has just refereed, has been running the counterattack of the forest bird. Waldenbuch shoots from the second row. As a reminder. With our direct free kick was offside penalties, obwohl weder jemand in das Spielgeschehen eingriff, has prevented even the goalkeeper. In this scene, however, another forest bird on the baseline prevents clear vision of our goalkeeper Halil Atay. But at that time completely overwhelmed referee decides on regular goal.
Score 3-3 !
It goes up and down in the fast-paced game of the two championship contenders.
Again, it's Fatih Halil,achieved with a single action of the penalty area hit the lead again.
Just before the end of game it is the corner for Waldenbuch.Hier sharp hit ball into the six yard box which is not consistent unterbunden.Folglich 4-4 Book for Forest.
A few minutes later the referee whistles from the game !
The forest bird lying in the arms and celebrate, as if you've won.
In TürkSV: Frustration, Anger but not resignation !
Many readers will wonder after such a game, of course,: If you have lost because the referee ? I'm so sorry, the answer is: JA !
And it would change anything, when we were writing this report in two weeks !
But even this fact is our team a shot in the arm for the next games. We will work with our footballing quality, all obstacles to survive and get the most out of this season.
The team would like to thank the visiting fans and hopes to continue to support the environment.