Concentrated power of defense.. 2:0 won !


Thanks to a concentrated and consistent defensive performance we have now been run in the game against SV Magstadt sovereign three points.

The defense for the defender Ergun Dograyan and Reception Öksüz (see Figure ) were now safe and together with the fullbacks and Engin Sezer Yavuz Gürkan hardly allowed opportunities. Thus had Halil Atay up to a dangerous situation in the first half, little to do.

It was on the wet artificial turf does not simply impose our passing game to the opponent. It took a long time with a quick foray to us the 1:0 have achieved by Murat Yilmaz. After good work by Fatih Halil he hammered the ball into the net untenable.

Not five minutes later, Murat Yilmaz thanked by Fatih Halil also with fine pass. Fatih Halil pushes the ball from inside left position precisely on Magstadter past goalkeeper into the far corner.. 2:0 !!

In the further course of our defense lies nothing more to. We would still be almost the 3:0 successful, when the sugar pass from Fatih Halil Aydin Cihat would have recovered. HERMA was just 10 Seconds in the game, as he the whole defense with his pass to run out read.

The performance of our team has voted. We were focused and have implemented until the end the tactical discipline guidelines.

With this victory, we now want to lay down a new series !

Thanks to all fans, have the adverse weather conditions despite the us supports .