1.Round cup game 3-2 won !

Our first team is in the Cup in the second round.. On Sunday, the team at one of our player-coach Stephan Senger 3-2 Victory against TSV Grafenau celebrate.
Our coach even made with a full shot into the roof of the 1-0. The goalkeeper had no chance in this situation.
The 2-0 worried the strong playing, top Oktay Erkan.Er the clean handing in our Captain Ufuk Atalay concluded confidently to 2-0 from.
In the second half, our coach again succeeded with a solo run, the 3-0. Earlier, Mustafa Gürkan captured the ball in midfield and sent on their way Stephan.
In the last half hour, all 5 Substitute brought, The holiday / injury / occupational Caused could not join in the whole preparation. The Grafenauer use the familiarization phase of our team with two goals and hoped still to compensation.

Thanks combative performance was a victory we take no more but !

We are in the second round !!

Keep it up !