4.Place in Empfinger Hallencup ! Halil Atay bester Torhüter !


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Bester Torwart Halil AtayIntermediate Round :
Reinforced with Ergun we went on the second day of the Empfinger Indoor Cup in the intermediate round games.
In the first game against SV Bondorf was our tactical discipline and patience throughout the last second with the 1-0 Winner rewarded. Scorer with the final siren: Ergun !
The draw against Dettingen-Rottenburg was the latest after the victory against SF Aach only incidental !
With seven points we were qualified as group winners sovereign for the finals on Saturday.
Fortified with our player-coach Stephan Senger went on Saturday in the final round.
Finally now that is it is not only the performance of the last two days of the tournament to confirm, to survive but also to the set and highly favored higher-class teams.
After a victory against SG Hallwangen ( 3-1 ) , then got one of the selected team to feel this. Our team, after the end of the tournament as “Precious technician” Designated by the Black Bote, through hard work and determination to win, the game against FC Oberliga 08 Villingen 1-0 win !
Thus it was qualified for the quarter finals.
With super ball relay races and excellent combinations, the team has really broken Dettingen !
Even the hard line of the opponent, was the clear 4-0 Victory of our team does not prevent .
Teams SV Rangendingen had previously shot SG Empfingen out of the race.
Despite the opening goal of Kemal, we were punished with a brace cold for our mistakes and had no resources to decide the game for us. The third goal has finally gebrochen.Die our will first defeat in 11 competitive games was thus sealed !
Shortly after the game was, of course, the team disappointed and would have earned the final tournament in view of previous course had. Damage.
Match for third place 3.:
No sooner had the disappointment processed, went there after the semifinal match in the last game of our guys to place 3.
Teams SV rooms, also set as the team just 5 Have played games, then the disappointment over the semifinal and especially within the team Kräfteverschleiss visible. Although the team has struggled to finish, but had the 1-3 Defeat put nothing now.
The final was won by the increasingly playing Oberliga FC 08 Villingen.

At the presentation ceremony at the latest, both the players and the spectators proudly provided the performance !
As the ceremony came from our goalkeeper Halil to the best goalkeeper of the tournament just right .

It is now important to transfer the good atmosphere of preparation for a second round and us as soon as possible to distance themselves from the relegation zone of the county league A. That's it to do with this team, expected to be no later than such a tournament every once again become aware of .