WFV President Herbert Roesch visiting Türk.SV Herrenberg

About club(t) in the future “Society Dialogue”, was selected Türk.SV Herrenberg Germany-wide for the pilot phase as the first club.

The part of the Association President, Mr. Herbert Roesch were very successful at this interview WFV, Executive Vice President Mr. Michael Hurler, Head of football development & Social Oliver German, District Chairman, Mr Richard Armbruster, and out of the district board and the gentlemen Dolderer Gohl. On behalf of the Association were our board “Sebo”, 2.Executive Engin, Treasurer Bilal and gamemasters Halil present.

The pilot project “Society Dialogue” is, the flow of information and communication between the member clubs, to strengthen the districts and the Württemberg Football Association and develop.

In conversation we have addressed many issues wishes, The deal at the club currently and in the future. The WFV is ready, to help us with these issues and to offer assistance. Our guests were amazed, how well we have prepared for this dialogue. We can proudly say, that it was an honor,to have this conversation first club over Germany.

Images you can to under the heading etc Veranstalltunten. see.

Gurkan Peters