A great year comes to an end ,..TÜRK.SV sagt “THANK YOU”

Love TÜRK.SV`ler / inside,

a very successful year for the TÜRK.SV HERRENBERG coming to an end.



With the double championship in the Kreisliga B have both teams at the Team Trainer Ufuk Atalay , Muhammed Sahingöz, Cihat Aydin, Halit Ozkan & Gürkan Engin wrote football history. That will remain all TÜRK.SV`lern in fond memory.

This great season did the club and the players welded together. But now, it had to go on!

Therefore, the Board of Directors strives to stem the new coaching team Mehmet Özkoyuncu and Muhammed Sahingöz, Cihat Aydin & To reinforce the already strong squad Alpaslan Yelken with other young players.

That's gelungen..Die guys have all super inserted and feel very comfortable in the team. First, with some initial difficulties but then with a great performance, both teams have a very good season so far in the KLA or. Played KLB.

We are again in the leagues in the top flight this !

Although it is now winter break and the guys deserve it after the very long summer preparation and forces grueling first round to take a break, but now Halle round is announced.

The following tournaments we will be there:

19. – 20.12.2015 – SVR-Hallen Cup in Gärtringen (2 Teams)
27. – 29.12.2015 – Gäubote Cup in Herrenberg
03. – 05.01.2016 – Jettinger indoor tournament in Jettingen (2 Teams)
08. – 10.01.2016 – Gäufeldener indoor tournament in Nebringen (Titleholder)
09. – 10.01.2016 – Raiffeisencup 2016 in Deufringen
12. – 16.01.2016 – Empfinger Hallencup in Empfingen (Titleholder)
22.01.2016 – Ü40 -AH tournament in Gechingen

On Saturday,06.02.2016 find our own hobby tournament for the "düzenli CONSULTING-CUP 2016" held.

Come with your family, Friends and supports the guys. We all know that only with a great fan base such indoor tournaments brings success. The highly successful Round Hall last winter with 2 Tournament victories is the confirmation.

In this sense, we thank all supporters, Families and friends for their great support in 2015.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and all good for the new year 2016.

Danke, Danke, Thank you…

Bye for now

Alperen "Alpine" Aydin
Facebook Admin