A preliminary decision could on Sunday (all games 15 Clock) question in the championship of the circle A League, Season II, fall. The leader Spvgg. Because the Schönbuch receives their closest challengers, SV Nufringen, for big game. Befreiuungsschlag in the relegation battle longs the door. Mr. Berg SV induced.

In a direct relegation duel, stand the door. Mr. Berg SV and FC Gärtringen II over. One point and one place is better placed SV and the door would lead these lean only too happy to expand. Although the performance of the last few weeks suggesting. Akin coach Durusu (GB-Photo: ck) appeals to the team: “We must mobilize all forces for this game.” Look with horror the door of the coach. SV on the board and suspects evil: “We still wait for some hard lumps. If we do not win against Gärtringen, Then we descend.” Far more confident you are in the gardens round camp. We can finally draw personnel from the solid”, exults game manager Matthias Free days. “Der Turkish. SV is just one point ahead of us, with a win we want to overtake them.”