Rundenabschluss “Barbecue” at the 13.06.2011 a 14 Clock

Hallo Türk.SV `s :D,

We now want to round off the exhausting round nice. On this occasion we invite all the players 1. and 2. Team, new / old players, Trailer, Players' wives / girlfriends / fiancee to thank for our final round one..
Where: In the garden of Recep `s and` s parents Abuzer. Das ist von der Raistingerstraße kommend, bei der Fahrschule Halanke rechts in den Feldweg abbiegen, Then just before the 2. Railway bridge, turn right up the gravel path!!

!!Please try to park the cars already in the Raistingerstraße!!

Look forward, Although some salad, Cakes, etc.. could bring. Just me, Isi Sebo or register.

Also, until then.. wir freuen uns drauf 🙂

Best regards
Your Engin