Season 2010/11

District Böblingen / Calw

Kreisliga A (Season 2)

Relegated from the local league: FC Unterjettingen
SV Böblingen II
Promoted in the local league: SpVgg Because the Schönbuch
SV Bondorf
Relegated to the B league circuit: TSV Grafenau (Season 4)
FC Gärtringen II (Season 5)
TV Darmsheim II (Season 4)
TSV Dagersheim II (Season 5)
FSV Deufringen (Season 4)
Promoted from the group B league: FV Mönchberg (Season 3)
TSV Hildrizhausen II (Season 4)
Croatia Sindelfingen (Season 5)
SV Magstadt (Season 3)


Elimination game of the district runner-A leagues:

13.06.2011 Jettingen top Jettingen:

TSV Haiterbach
SV Bondorf
1 : 2
(Kreisliga A1)
(Kreisliga A2)


Relegation play for local league:

19.06.2011 Nagold:

FC Unterjettingen
SV Bondorf
13 : 14
(District League)
(Kreisliga A2)


A League relegation match to the county:

19.06.2011 Gärtringen:

TSV Grafenau
SV Magstadt
1 : 2
(Kreisliga A2)
(Kreisliga B3)


The Circle A League Season 2 played without reserve teams.


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